CBD Dosing Guide

Understanding how much CBD to take can be confusing. Our handy dosing guide highlights how much CBD might be a suitable starting point based on your weight.

Your weight Common starting dose 300MG Oil 1200MG Oil 1800MG Oil

Under 65 kg


300MG 1 dropper

1 dropper

1200MG ¼ dropper

¼ dropper

65–89 kg


300MG 1½ droppers

1½ droppers

1200MG ⅓ dropper

⅓ dropper

1800MG ¼ dropper

¼ dropper

90 kg +


300MG 2 droppers

2 droppers

1200MG ½ dropper

½ dropper

1800MG ⅓ dropper

⅓ dropper

Tips for dosing

Start low and slow

Start with a smaller dose and gradually increase it each week until you get the desired effect

Monitor your progress

Keep track of how much CBD you’re taking and whether your symptoms are getting better

Be consistent

Most people experience the greatest benefits when they take CBD daily or at least regularly

Get a professional opinion

Talk to your doctor before starting CBD, especially if you are taking any other medications

Ready to elevate your everyday wellness?